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Interview with young entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee


Interview with young entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee

Jeet – Christian, thank you for featuring me in this segment. At the age of 17, I founded my first company, JB Media Force.

What does do exactly?

Jeet : This is a great question. JB Media Force, a web design and web development company, also offers internet marketing services. We can design and build any type of website and help you market it on the internet via search engines or social media.

How did you create Perhaps you had some previous web design experience and decided to start a business.

Jeet – I was an assistant in my father’s software development firm for a while before starting JB Media Force. It wasn’t because I hated working there, but I did not like being told what to do. I was capable of doing what he did, so I started my own web design company. Although the process was not as simple as I expected, I started by creating a website for my company and then finding a team that could design and develop it.

What’s your elevator pitch for presenting the business?

Jeet – You must be online if you want to have a business. It doesn’t matter what product you sell in this day and age. Let me market your website for you, and help you generate revenue if you’re not online.

What about your portfolio? What about the portfolio?

Jeet – I have worked with many different companies, individuals, as well as organizations. I have worked with several large-name companies, including a Forbes 500 company.

Many young web entrepreneurs started out as freelancers. But, you soon became a leader with a team of 15 people. Is it difficult to manage a team of 15 people at your age?

Jeet – I knew I couldn’t do it all. To help me do what I love, I sought out others to design and develop the website. It is not easy to manage a team of my age. People older than me often find it difficult working under me. This has been the greatest challenge I’ve faced in managing a large team when I was young.

What was your key to success?

Jeet – I believe my greatest strength was my determination to succeed. I’m extremely driven and determined in everything I do and will do whatever it takes to succeed. I am hardworking and willing to do my best, and I wish for the best.

You have a small company as customers? What are the most important things when creating a website for a small business owner? How can a small-business entrepreneur determine if it is worth the cost of a website?

Jeet : Yes, we do work with quite a number of small businesses. Small businesses need to have a website that is up quickly so that they can be found online. All businesses need to be online because so many people are searching online for companies. My goal is to help small businesses understand that there are many online competitors and that they must do all they can to stay ahead of them if they want success.

You started a second company very quickly. What’s the deal?

Jeet – The second business was founded by my friend and I, and is called status. The website can be accessed at This website is free and makes it easy for students to transition from high school to college.

What does it do for students?

Jeet StatFuse provides many tools for students to make the transition to college easier. The “Calculator” is our most popular tool. This allows students to enter their high school information and calculate their chances of getting into top colleges across the country. Other tools, such as College Recommendations and College Insider, are also available for students to use at no cost.

What number of users have you had so far? Is a matching engine more effective than “what your parents say” when it comes time to selecting a college?

Jeet – We had about 12,000 users in the first month after launching our website without spending a penny on marketing. Parents want their children to attend the best college and encourage them to apply to top schools. Students waste a lot of money trying to get into the best colleges. They may be rejected if they don’t have a strong academic record. StatFuse gives parents and students an objective look at which schools best suit their student’s profile.

Interesting! It’s interesting!

Jeet – My partner and I were both graduating from high school. We began to think about colleges we might like to attend. After having this conversation, we decided that we would search for a website to determine our chances of getting in and to find out where. We were unable to find the solution to our problem so we decided that we would create it ourselves.

Are there any other ideas or plans for the future? What is your best way to balance work, family, and friends?

Jeet – It’s funny that you asked because I’m about to launch two more startups this summer. Hypetize is a promotion tool that allows talented musicians and artists to be heard, while engaging fans like never before. Vintelli, an internet marketing site that allows websites of any size to rank high in search engines and social media, is the second.

What does it feel like to be an entrepreneur?

Jeet – Being an entrepreneur is a great feeling! Entrepreneurs look for the problems that people are facing every day and try to solve them. It is great to know that I have helped solve many problems.


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