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Junk Removal Entrepreneurs

Interview with Steve Banks 

How Two Friends Started a Business With No Startup Capital

Having previously failed three different businesses. Steve decided the next business he goes into shouldn’t require any hefty startup. He owes a lot of money to debtors and had zero dollars to his name.

His friend, Jose, has just been fired from a job he’d barely started. Jose wanted to hang out and have a beer or two but Steve, on the other hand, was scrambling as always to have his next light bulb idea.

Jose dropped by anyway because he didn’t feel like spending the afternoon alone in misery. This was the fifth job he’s been fired from in the past 4 months. He needed Steve to help him come up with the best way to let his girlfriend (of the time) know he had more potential and wasn’t going to settle to minimum wage. “Steve is an excellent communicator and knows how to persuade anyone. This dude can sell ice to an Eskimo, he’s that good!” Jose commented about his business partner Steve.

After having a few beers at Steve, Jose, who’s a light weight, began talking about his position at the junk removal company he’s just been fired from. Jose explained in detail what his previous job was lacking to scale to multiple 6 figures per month. Steve, on the other hand, was listening very attentively to every single word that his drunk friend had to say.

“Jose, do you think you can run the business better than your ex-boss?” Steve asked. “Absolutely, dude!” Jose replied. 

This started the new business we now know as Junk Removal Alexandria Pros.

Steve knew his friend Jose has  the managerial mind to manage a junk removal company, and he has the mind to market and advertise it. 

Steve asked if Jose was interested in starting a junk and garbage business and he immediately was on board with the idea of partnering with a sharp mind like Steve. 

“…It’s easy to daydream and have a million-dollar idea, but difficult to execute and make it a reality…”

Steve Banks

Junk Removal Alexandria

Junk Removal Alexandria Pros offers the best junk removal in Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria Best Junk Removal Company

After conducting and talking to both present and past clients of Steve and Jose, we’ve concluded they are indeed the best when it comes to all things junk removal. If you are in the Virginia area looking for junk removal or trash removal services, call these awesome, professional and affordable junk removal guys to come remove and haul your stuff away!

Junk Removal Alexandria Pros – VA
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Alexandria, VA
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